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It’s official...We are a nation of storers !

Self storage is on the up, there are many reasons why we might need to use self storage.

It could be due to moving house, working away or maybe just running out of space at home.

Whatever the reason, the success of using self storage, as ever in life, is in the preparation

To maximise the results of self storage, follow some of UStore Sandhurst’s guidelines and helpful tips, accumulated from many years experience of the market.

Consider what to keep and what to throw

The first step is to look at everything that needs to be stored and consider whether it might be best to just throw it away. People use self storage to store items that they don’t use every day but want to keep, however it can be easy to pack away things that actually won’t be used again. Avoid this pitfall, be bold, otherwise you’ll be taking valuable space you don’t need.

How much is enough ?

Once you’ve decided what to put in your self storage unit, it's time to decide what size of unit you really need. Too small and you’ll regret it, too big and you’ll be paying for it. (see our website for our size calculator tool) Also, check to see if we at UStore have any restrictions on specific items, and ask if there are rules and regulations. If you are unsure in any way, we’ll be pleased to help

Always use the right packing materials

Using the correct packing materials is essential, when getting your possessions ready for self storage. We always suggest you use boxes in a variety of sizes, plus packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper and a marker pen. Try not to use boxes that have been used before as they could be prone to breaking.

Make a list

Before packing up the items, create a list of everything that will be stored. This is an easy step to miss, but you’ll be pleased you did it when you are trying to find something important. We recommend keeping a copy of the list at home as well.

Is everything clean and dry?

It might be tempting to just pack everything away in its current condition - but don’t do it! All items should be clean before it goes into storage as this will ensure that it remains in the same condition. Make sure everything is dry, do not put damp or moist items in storage. You will thank us in the long run for this sound advice

Disassemble furniture to maximise storage capacity

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to get the items ready to be packed. If furniture can be disassembled, do it before you get to the storage unit. This will mean you can rent a smaller unit and it will ensure that your furniture remains in a good condition. Try to keep screws and bolts together in a secure bag and label it clearly.

Label boxes and don’t overload them

Once the prep has been completed, it’s time to pack! As you start packing everything, grab a marker pen and write on each box what’s inside and clearly mark the stacking direction. This will prevent confusion when the boxes are moved. Also, try not to overload the boxes as it will not only be hard to move but it increases the chance of breakage.

Be careful with delicate items

When packing delicate items, bubble wrap is your best friend. Don’t rush packing these items as that is when accidents occur. Remember to wrap plates, glasses & ornaments individually.

Keep everything in order

Now that your items have been packed away safely and securely, it’s time to get everything in order ready for the storage unit. It is essential to store the things you are more likely to need at the front of the unit, so think about this when you are packing. By placing your items in the unit strategically, it will cause a lot less stress when you need to access something important.

Enjoy the freedom

Now that the prep and packing is complete, all that is left to do is enjoy the extra space in your life. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without a storage unit.

A final thought ...........if in doubt, ask (I’ll bet at UStore, we seen or heard it all before)

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