Advertising opportunity on UStore site

We have been looking at ways to improve our community spirit amongst our many customers, and share some common practices and business

We have decided to offer customers the opportunity to advertise, within our yard, with an advertising board on a section of the gantry (as above)

Each board will be approx 4’ x 2’ and will go on the lower of the two gaps

Each board, individually sign written (artwork to be provided)

will cost £110 + VAT...................supplied and fitted................however:-

As the actual board material is reusable, we propose that we ‘let’ each board for £75, we’ll cover the rest. We will ‘let’ each space for 2 years at a time

So, first come first served...................we only have 10 spaces

Remember we have 100 or so containers of like minded customers in and out, all the time and we’ll get some photo’s on the web site as well

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